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APPLICATION of skill WITHOUT knowledge is said to be dangerous.

Einstein https://goo.gl/iAPHpg, insinuates CAP-ABILITY without SKILL can yield NO change;

‘Knowledge + Skill + Ability all TOGETHER only CAN create CAPACITY (Power with DIRECTION)’. This is an axiomatic in itself.

Times of India_27Jun2018 editorial quoting Einstein says “Insane or not, this is how our system works”.

That’s why Advanced Economies find “doing business WITH & IN India” difficult.

But, what for < http://tekigou.com/ > is then?

Tekigou means Compatibility; So, we are Compatibility Establishment consultants.

“THE ENABLERS” of our clients to reach their Dream Customer or market across the globe (including domestic one). Enabling the realization of their FIRST tele-meeting / first round of talks with in 3 months (100 days) is our USP. We have successfully assisted Indian companies reach & expand in Japan, US, Eurasia, Belarus, Australia, Eritrea, by IMPLEMENTING Japan-PMBoK. This ASSURED about ASSIMILATING quality of our products that ensured the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION of DEVELOPED markets. This quality, which we enable, sustains our Indian Clients’ businesses generated across the globe.

Director Profile : Arvind Karmarkar

Arvind Karmarkar is an Industry made Techno (Productivity)-economic (Efficiency) consultant. As such he could successfully recovered many businesses from disastrous situations & thereby enabled them for further Market Penetration & their right Positioning in niche / advance economy markets. This also gained him recognition as Service Level Agreement Augmentation (SLA – negotiations) Expert. His career began as Design Assistant in I C Engine manufacturing domain. After getting University Diploma in Jap Language, he moved to Automobiles. Then Day2day learning association with experts from Suzuki, SHARP, DAIMLER BENZ, FUJITSU, laid his foundation in ACCURACY Oriented Business Collaborations, Technology transfer / assimilation & Joint Ventures establishment. His 35+ yrs experience at positions of “Head – IT Quality & Japan Business”; “Division Manager – Commercial operations”, etc equips him to provide the needed Vision to his clients (Overseas & domestic), Vista to their markets & Visibility to their products, so that speedy expansion of business in global markets become swiftly feasible.​ Linked Profile