“Awareness of things, before they happen” has a value…

“Awareness of things, before they happen” has a value…
: The ZEN experience
of the world’s most enlightened technocrats

– The KaiZEN pioneers & practitioners!

‘Being sorry’, has no value.
‘Crying after happening of undesired’, is meaningless.
‘Weeping afterword’, is absolutely unintelligent.

However, whatever has not yet happened,
can be prevented / changed / salvaged.

For that, “the awareness beforehand” is needed.

  • Such awareness can be developed.
  • It’s being developed;
  • It’s being practiced also.
  • That too, on production shop-floors of manufacturing companies in Japan & US.
  • Opportunity for “hands-on EXPERIENCING” thru PARTICIPATION there, is available here.
  • Do you want to avail the opportunity?
  • Do you also want TO BE A SUCCESSFUL TECHNOCRAT like them, by replicating it here, in your operations?

… We arrange your plant-study visits to these industries in Japan, US in phase 1.

… Subsequently we will build for you “Prospects Out-reach Program” to execute a database of 200 local contact’s there, so as to reach them via emails and marketing collaterals, in phase 2.

… Developing of RELATIONSHIPS into CLIENTS, would be phase 3.

… Creating of NEW REVENUE STREAMS – in phase 4.

Thus, if you have inclination & initial investment budget of around $12,000 USD approx, we have the solutions.

The Right, Customized Export (overseas business) Development Solutions are waiting for you.
Write to <info@tekigou.com>

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