Case Study

Client: ANIMATLY (Melbourne, Australia)
Problem area: How to advice the START-UPS on “what should they (start-ups) learn from other’s experience” toward First Time Right development / engineering of video editing app.
Solution Provided: “RISK & CONTINGENCIES predicting 5 S kaizen TECHNIQUES” i.e. What to foresee & forecast on timeline + How to PRE-EMPT them.
Result: (Client’s reply email) RE: Advice-7/4/2016 Thanks Arvind, I really APPRECIATE it. (Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart: Co Founder at ANIMATLY)
Client: International Computers India Limited – ICIL (Now Zensar Technologies)
Problem area: How to RETRIEVE almost lost client from Japan (Fujitsu)
Solution Provided: Designed & installed Business Disaster Recovering “BDR – KAIZEN SYSTEM”.
Result: “…And therefore, we want to continue business with you”: Director FUJITSU via email.
Client: Vertex Software Pvt Ltd (Now NTT DATA)
Problem area: How to increase the confidence about Vertex’s Quality in Japan market.
Solution Provided: Designed & installed Customer Conforming – Quality PRODUCTION System.
Result: Enabled fetching of 4 new clients from Japan in 1 year.
Client: Jopasana software & systems pvt ltd- Pune
Problem area: How to develop “CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT trust level” for developed economy markets?
Solution Provided: Designing & development of web enabled (Zero Defect Orienting) ZDO_ SUGGESTION scheme System Along with AUTO-FLOW progress tracker tool.
Result: In month 1 itself, REWORK-preventive First Time Right Productivity improving 5 significant suggestions were implemented Creating the demonstrative database in case of plant / quality audit by prospective client.
Client: Opus software solutions -Pune
Problem area: HOW TO UPGRADE the Service Level Agreement for nature of business from Business Process Outsourced (BPO) unit To Offshore Software Development Centre (ODC)
Solution Provided: Designed & Implemented The Business Specs Transformation System for Simultaneous conversion of Requirement Specs (RS) into Functional Specs (FS), Software Spec (SS), Test Specs (TS) & Delivery Specs (DS).
Result: NO SCHEDULE OVER RUN, On Time Delivery, SLA value up, Software Development Project Materialized.