Developing nations! Emulating Israel & Japan in spiritualism, has proven essential for prospering speedily to be a “Developed NATION”!

Developing countries want to be developed speedily, but do not find rational path to trade on. This post attempts to provide them already proven i. e. traded, tried & tested path demonstrated by world’s tiniest nations becoming fastest developed economies.

Today, I had an opportunity to hear a lecture by Mr. Dnyeshwar Purandare on Israel.

Here is awesomely wonderful “i.e. Wow! info” I learnt about Israel, today :

  • A nation of GRATEFUL people.
    (People always expressing gratitude to nature).
  • Despite surrounded by all adverse circumstances (surrounded by all the 7 enemy + hostile countries and having soil full of salts & desert-sand, which was completely arid) they are credited with highest pace of Agricultural, Industrial & Technology Revolution.
  • Obviously, ownership / contribution of 80+% share in man-made wealth, on earth.
  • No doubt, they demonstrate the MOST EVOLVED SPIRITUALISM on earth (after the Japanese –the KAIZEN community).
  • ROOT CAUSE of their grand success they claim, lies in researching the scriptures to identify exacting principles of religion (the Zen, the spirit) which equips the human and thereby his / her society
    to become charismatic = effective & INFLUENTIAL.

The above info about Israel along with my hands-on 15 yrs day-to-day working experience under KAIZEN / Japanese masters in IT / Automotive / Electronics, enabled me successfully apply ZEN to KAI i.e. to better ongoing situations at my clients & make them influential.

If you too want “KAI (Betterment)”,
we can enhance your “ZEN”!

On the similar (analogous) lines of industrial progress exhibited by other Asian economies  of a kind of Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thai, Malaysia, Singapore etc.

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