We equip you with INTERNATIONAL business SOLUTIONS.

As the Name TEKIGOU means “Make Compatible & Adaptable i.e. ENABLING”,  we assist & ENABLE Indian businesses, win global customer accounts with a radically different approach that includes:
1. Making Indian seller / service provider compatible with the foreign buyers.

2. Bringing the harmony between seller’s service provider’s offerings with the buyer’s requirements.

3. Equip the seller /service provider in being adaptable to COMPREHEND the overseas buyer’s expectations, WITH their COMPLETE perspective implied in the NOTION of term used in Requirement SPECS (CRS).

So, we are engaged in providing solutions & consultancy for Globalization of Indian Industry via SMART export : Industry 4.0 enabling.

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We have been doing it in following biz domains
… Industrial Automation (Enabled an Indian Client qualify Industry 4.0 for export to Krohne GMBH).
… HR sourcing
… Start-up’s risk – predictive enterprise
… IT / ICT (Proficiency & professionality in COMPLIANCE performance improvement)
… JV tie-ups, International collaborations, Relationship affinity toward New Biz Development.
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Recently, we could establish contacts with 7 different overseas markets viz – Korea, Czech, Egypt, Uganda (MSME chairperson), Eurasia, Kyrgyz Republic to whom we met at EEPC Chennai.

They all said “Our (their) industry, businesses, people all are of EXPLORING nature.
If Chinese services / goods can enter our markets, why not Indian. But unfortunately, your people do not have slightest idea what can you cater to us & how. So, we appeal you to come, exhibit / display / demo your services / products by participating in exhibitions, expos in our country. We are not averse to trade with you, but you need to COME, SHOW & Talk to us.
So that our markets, people (in case of ITC infotech our IT / Outsourcing companies, professionals, professors, product users, distributors, retailers etc) can see, talk, validate your engineering passions, exhibiting fevers & selling fervours in skin & flesh. Then alone our functionaries would be able conceive an idea of recommending / advising to their respective managements, clients etc, even possibly for collaborative engineering, production or joint research in our or your Industry, Design / Research Centers, Universities etc.

On this backdrop, if you have an AMBITIOUS plan of doing biz with overseas / exports & ADEQUATE budget ALLOCATION (not necessarily for its complete exhaustion)”, then do come to us with confidence”.

According to international best practice-norms, the developed economies often spend in INITIAL year, 50 percent of their planned revenue on Marketing. And from there reduce this Sales & Marketing cost down to 5% by Y5 to be maintained / sustained at that level).

In such a scenario, we at Tekigou feel we can certainly BRING-IN “all your dream / wish-list prospective clients across the globe” in your biz net-work.

We have demonstrated this, by assisting (ENABLING) the Intellection, Vertex software (now NTT Data), Jopasana, MITCON to BRING_IN Top Systems (Moscow), JFE Steel (Japan) into their respective individual biz networks SUCCESSFULLY; Besides assisting (ENABLING) the Endurance Technologies, Som to talk with Honda, TRW (US), Mitsubishi (Netherlands) towards DRAWING them into their individual’s respective biz network.

If you too would be ready for above budget ALLOCATION norm (not necessarily for its complete utilization or exhaustion) for Export / Overseas PROMOTIONS, Marketing & Sales operations, then we would feel honoured to bring-in the entire globe’s TOBACO industry business in your biz network.

Hence, looking forward to assist you accomplish your enhanced FUTURE biz goals via Overseas / Export marketing & sales operations THRU incoming project’s Functionality conceiving, Recruitment, HR / Team Development – Deployment, Requirement Understanding, CRS to SRS spec transformation and then DELIVERY function’s MANAGEMENT.