EXPORTS enabling services
(for exporting to DEVELOPED cultures / markets):

As DEVELOPED ECONOMIES have a certain well-defined culture, the products they buy needs to ASSIMILATE in respective culture. As such, we through Japan-PMBOK, equip the PRODUCTION & TESTING conditions (at our Indian clients). Thereby produce ASSURABLY ASSIMILATING products that are efficiently usable in demanded market milieu.

WHY this need?
India’s exports have DECREASED by around 15% in 4 years;
$318.2 billion USD in 2014
$275.8 billion USD in 2017.

This FALL, is despite WTO Review 2017 claiming “trade has continued to support economic growth + development WORLD OVER and EXPORTS have INCREASED in value by about 32 per cent…
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Reasons, “The Business Line” analysed in “Understanding India’s export collapse”,
indicate that “our products do not meet the purity (authenticity) + strength of productions / quality of testing conditions required in developed-country standards.
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Precisely here, TEKIGOU equips Indian companies with Japan-PMBOK, which prescribes ENABLING standards for ASSIMILATION of products & services both in Japan.
Obviously, USER + SELLER / Service provider & thus the entire market, PROGRESSES in SYNC together.

So, for producing “EASY to ASSIMILATE export products / services”, contact us by email;

First Time Right (0-defect) DELIVERY MANAGEMENT

  • Industry 4.0+ / I0T 4.0+ Readiness: EXPORT qualifying deliverance COMPETENCY Development.
  • PMBoK & SWEBoK – JAPAN based (Projects, Programs & Portfolio) i.e. PMO Execution.
  • Project’s Requirements Analysis

    Tekigou assists

    • Omission-less capture of CRS (Customer’s Requirements Specs).
    • Flawless transformation (of CRS) into FRS (Functional Requirements Specs).
    • “Near 0-defect” Development, leading to First Time Right production & delivery.
    • Toyota KAIZEN (5S,3G,3K,3M,3P, Quality Circles) recognizing the redundant, outdated, irrational things at work-places.
    • In-house Venture Creations: How to SENSE & TAP growth + development opportunities in-house.
    • Risk Pre-emption Treatment: How to mitigate / pre-empt / eliminate Risks & Contingencies.

    Information Architecture

    Our extensive knowledge & experience with global level MNCs means that, we fetch you LIVE INFORMATION to align you with demand psychology of the global markets.
    Your tuning with global markets power you to develop your knowledge capital through our suggestion scheme.
    Suggestion scheme propels functionaries to perform only purposeful actions.
    Purposeful actions lead to First Time Right deliveries infusing the feel of satisfaction in market & thereby repeat business.

    Sales Augmentation

    Selling skills

    To reduce Psychological distance with overseas target-markets.

    Developing skills

    To create new tools (technologies) on projects sellable-back to clients.

    Branding skills

    To architect researched information marketable in hi-tech economies.

    Overseas Partner Search

    To find & identify provider of

    Tekigou assists

    • Latest technology provider (TAA) with Buy Back Arrangement,
    • Contractual manufacturing opportunities.
    • FDI with equity.

    Relations (PR), lobbyism, collaboration (JV alliance) Strategy & Implementation

    • We professionally & smoothly assist the establishment of right alliances & relations for your company.
      Precisely identify & reach out to the appropriate offices + individuals (Both in political + business life).
      Explain them the viewpoint of our clients in relatable perspective.
    • Thereby formalize the alliances >> Customer Relationship Management viz
      1. After sales-newsletters
      2. PR (Slogan creations, Advertising, Brochures, Content development)
    • Thus, whether you are planning the export or starting an ODC – Offshore Development Centre project;
      We design that strategy and implement the road map for “when & how can you attain your goals”.

      1. Disaster recovery
      2. Global Market Research.
      3. Sourcing TO AGREED SPECS from all the developing nations.
      4. Entry + expansion in Overseas Market (Across the globe).
      5. Merger and Acquisition (Through our associate partners).
      6. Technology Transfer, assimilation