Jingxuan Li

Dear Arvind,
I noticed that you are very sophisticated in your account profiles.
We are Japan’s largest recruiting group & No.1 in APAC region.

If your people plan to change jobs, we will do our efforts for recommending good opportunities for you once there is a suitable order. If you would like to learn more about job opportunities in Japanese companies please follow our Group.

[ On 27 OCT 2016, RGF Global Branding and Marketing Associate]

Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart ( Co Founder at Animatly.com )

Hi Arvind,
I am hoping FOR SOME ADVICE based on your engineering experience. I’m working with a Melbourne based startup who are developing a video maker. App’s in it’s early stages; SO, ANY ADVICE WOULD BE SUPER HELPFUL.

RE: Advice (7/4/2016)
Thanks Arvind,

[ On 15 June 2016, Co Founder at Animatly.com (Melbourne, Berlin, London & New York) ]

Mr. Tanaka Keiichi (Director)

Karmarkar san,

KAIZEN in your Project Management is indeed showing Concrete & Tangible improvement in QUALITY of your deliverables;
and therefore, we want to continue business with you.

[ On 15 Jul 1998 via email, While IN International Computers India Ltd – ICIL (Now Zensar Technologies) ]

Mr. Fujiwara Masaki

Arvind sama,

Your approach to Quality Control & Assurance is Very Comprehensive and Quite Systematic

[ On 19 May 2001 via email, While IN Vertex Software Pvt Ltd (Now NTT DATA) ]

Mr Ajit Patil (CEO)

Arvind san has deep understanding of Japanese Business Culture & Japanese Expectations.
Japanese Managers are able to relate to him.

[ In 2002 via email, Company name – Vertex Software Pvt Ltd (Now NTT DATA) ]

Mr Tawa Kazuhisa

Karmarkar sama

Your estimated efforts are acceptable to us

Company name – JFE Steel
Corporation (The Largest Steel Maker of Japan )

[ In 2004via email, While as a consultant to Jopasana software & systems pvt ltd- Pune ]

Mr. Ajay Phatak (CEO)

Thank you ARVIND for helping us in here.
Excellent initiative and closure.
Let us make this a working process right away!

[ On 15 Oct 2003 via email, Company name – Jopasana software & systems pvt ltd- Pune ]

Ms Uma Thorat

I was surprised to see your email (bidding us good bye)!
I thought you are (still) handling Opus’s Quality Management Activity.
It would have benefited the team a lot, if you would have continued guiding them.
[ On 26 Aug 2004 via email, By onsite manager at Western Union Money Transfer – US ]

Mr Himanshu Chhaya ( Vice President )

Your relentless pursuit for improvement of quality, is an example I am trying to emulate at personal level

[ On 26 Aug 2004 via email, By VP Opus software Solutions- Pune ]

Mr Masuda Koh (Executive Director)

Thank you for courteous adaptation.
Thank you also for,
As such, we need & seek your cooperation in same manner ahead too.

[ On Jan 10, 2005 via email, By (Executive Director – KAYABA Corporation, Japan) ]